Idea to bring Dunkin' Donuts to Mobile neighborhood stirs controversy


Plans to bring a new Dunkin’ Donuts to a neighborhood in Mobile isn't sitting well with some.

People who live near Azalea and Cottage Hill Roads say the restaurant will only bring more traffic to an already congested area.

A developer is now eyeing the vacant lot that sits on Cottage Hill Rd.

The company Ken Knuckles (Development Management Group, LLC) has requested a zoning change from a buffer-business district and neighborhood business district to a limited-neighborhood business district, to eliminate split zoning.

It's a plan some aren't happy about. "It's just something we are totally against," Dawn Beasley said.

Beasley lives right next door to the empty lot that extends onto Shelley Drive. She says having a restaurant next door is not what she signed up for when she moved into the neighborhood.

"It's a neighborhood, it's not a place for a restaurant that starts early in the morning and goes in the afternoon," she said. "It needs to be in another area. This is where we have our children and are raising our families."

She says the seafood restaurant on the very end of their street on Shelley Dr. & Azalea Rd. already causes congestion.

"A lot of parking on our street, Blocking the intersection, we can't get in, we can't get out," she said.

Although most on the block acknowledge the traffic issues, some say they're on the fence.

"Where I moved from, there was a Starbucks down the street, so I thought Dunkin Donuts would be kind of a nice substitute. So I'm really good either way," Janet Achendach said.

Beasley says she wouldn't be against the restaurant going across the street where Advance Auto Parts once was, just not right next door.

"It's not in a neighborhood, it's across the street we don't have to deal with the traffic coming in and out and down the street trying to get in it or parking on the street," Beasley said.

The city's Planning Commission will hold a public hearing next Thursday at 2 p.m. to discuss rezoning the location.