Hargrove undertakes further downtown Mobile revitalization

The revitalization of downtown Mobile is in full effect as the company Hargrove Controls and Automation moves to the area giving the city's historic downtown a facelift.

The old building in downtown Mobile has been abandoned for nearly 15 years, but all that is changing due to a vision that was developed six months ago.

Mayor Stimson says the building will add to the already growing downtown. "Whenever you drive by a blighted abandoned property, that’s sending a message. So to see people walking in and out of that building and seeing a balcony on it, that will change the way it looks and that is just going to change peoples’ impression of this part of downtown Mobile," Stimpson said.

Hargrove Controls and Automation unveiled the new structures blueprint that is complete with 25,000 square feet of renovated space.

"This space will afford for us to grow, combine our panel shop with our current automation office and combine the entire experience for our clients."

It's all about location. The Hargrove building will have a balcony that gives you a up close and personal look at downtown.

"Mardi Gras is very important to the city and our business as well, and the fact that we will now have two offices on the parade route will be huge for our clients," said Matthew Burton, Director of Automation Technology for Hargrove Controls & Automation.

Mayor Stimpson agreed saying that it will give Mobilians a new “vantage point”.

"Imagine there will be a lot of Hargrove employees, and Hargrove customers and other Mobilans who will see the parade from another vantage point which will be a lot of fun," Stimpson said.

The project to renovate the old building is just in the beginning stages. Mayor Stimpson says he hopes to have it done well before Mardi Gras season next year.