Grandfather says 1-year-old boy cut by machete was an accident

The child's grandfather Willie Everett says it was an accident (WPMI)

A toddler is recovering after being injured by a machete.

Mobile police say Tuesday afternoon in the 3000 block of Charmingdale Drive East a 1-year-old boy was cut in the face when he walked into a machete.

Police say the boy's mother was arguing with a man about her new boyfriend. They say the man was holding a machete and at some point the little boy walked into it.

The child's grandfather Willie Everett says it was an accident. "Nobody was trying to abuse him or anything it was just an accident," he said.

Police say the little boy was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. Everett says his grandson has a cut under his eye.

"My daughter-in-law brought him over to the house, it was the first time I saw him this morning and he got a bad cut, he got a bad cut," Everett said.

He says the boy didn't get stitches but doctor's treated the cut. "They got it back together and glued it back and he's fine," he said.

Everett says he spent time with the little boy Wednesday and he's thankful he's ok.

"I know it could have been worse," he said. "He could have lost an eye but accidents happen."

Police say their Special Victims Unit and D.H.R are investigating.

They say it appears to have been an accident and right now no charges have been filed.