Grand Bay neighborhood is looking to stop crimes in their area

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Grand Bay Farms neighborhood has been seeing some crime occur in their area. It began with car thefts where items such as wallets and firearms were stolen. When a facebook post surfaced showing a possible suspect in the act, residents of the neighborhood decided enough was enough.

“I know she was checking the house door and that brings it to a whole other level going from vehicle break ins to now checking my door.” Said Garner Wilson, a resident of the neighborhood.

Now neighbors are worried these thefts are escalating. They called an emergency watch meeting for anyone in the neighborhood to join. At the meeting, residents discussed possible ways to take action. They talked about installing more cameras, security lights and making an effort to take walks around the neighborhood in hopes to keep any suspects away. Right now, police tell neighbors there are two suspects, a male and a female.

“The main thing is to protect all the kids in the neighborhood. I mean, communication is a thing that we have to have in this community and to have good communication and let everyone know what’s going on,” Said Jonathon Zirlott.

The number one thing police are telling these residents right now is to not try to “be the hero.” If a suspect is seen, it is advised not to approach him or her, instead contact local dispatch. For more information regarding local dispatch or preventatives to staying safe visit the Grand Bay Farms Neighborhood Facebook page.