Georgia fugitives caught and arrested

(IMG:WPMI) Georgia fugitives captured by homeowners.

Law enforcement now deciding who will get the $130,000 reward for the arrest of 2 Georgia fugitives!

Donnie Rowe and Ricky Dubose were on the run for 2 days after police say they killed 2 Georgia prison guards, then escaped.

Thursday evening, officials spotted the men in a stolen vehicle in Shelbyville, Tennessee.

That's when officers pursued the suspects.

The 2 fugitives eventually crashed the car, forcing them to flee on foot.

But it was their next move that stopped them dead in their tracks.

Local authorities stated, "the suspects ran on foot for some distance until they came across a home. At that home, they were attempting to carjack or steal another vehicle from that residence. At that point in time, the homeowner stepped out and held the people there by gunpoint."

Officers say the stolen vehicle Dubose and Rowe were spotted in was actually stolen from a couple they tied up and held captive for 3 hours.

That incident happened shortly before they were caught and arrested.