Friends: Murdered Prichard woman was in an abusive relationship

(image: WPMI) 23-year-old Jabria Hall

Friends of Jabria Hall said the young mother was attempting to get out of an abusive relationship when she was shot and killed outside of a home in Prichard Monday morning.

According to police, the 23-year-old was gunned down near the 800 block of Percy Avenue. Residents reported hearing more than 40 gunshots. One neighbor said that Jabaria Hall would stop by a home on that street to drop off her children.

"I heard the last seven shots," said Louis Gano, "they said it was about 40 shots, but I heard the last 7 shots...I hope they catch whoever did it. It was real cruel."

Friends said Hall had two children, including a newborn baby. They said she was in an abusive relationship and had recently ended it before her murder. She was trying to "move on with her life". Prichard police haven't released any new information on the case. An investigator said they are calling this shooting death a homicide.