Fairhope woman speaks out after dog is killed by kids with shotgun

A Fairhope woman is speaking out after her long-time pet is shot to death in front of her eyes by three juveniles. (WPMI)

A Fairhope woman is speaking out after her long-time pet was shot to death in front of her eyes by three juveniles.

Fairhope Police say the one teen and two pre-teens were arrested a short time later and found with stolen firearms.

Jacqueline Reed told LOCAL 15 that she's devastated by the loss of her dog Major and she doesn't understand why the kids responsible would do something like this.

Reed said it began when she took Major and her other dog Boozie on a walk in the backyard of her home off New Era Road in Fairhope just after 5:30 p.m. on Sunday.

According to Reed, that's when she came face to face with three armed juveniles.

"They stepped out right from behind a trailer next door. So I'm like, 'Who are you and what are ya'll doing down here?," said Reed.

Reed says Major began barking at the kids, who police say were just 15, 12 and 11-years old.

Investigators say the 15-year-old aimed a shotgun at Major and pulled the trigger.

"I thought it was a BB gun until he popped. I mean, he shot my dog in the back and Major hollered. Then he shot him in the neck," Reed said, "I'm like 'Really? You're murdering my dog in front of me? I'm calling the police, I'm calling the police.' And they ran."

Sgt. Craig Sawyer with the Fairhope Police Department said the suspects were arrested nearby a short time later and officers discovered they had the shotgun as well as a rifle.

"The guns were stolen from a Fairhope residence. The owner of the firearms has not yet been identified and we're hoping this will get some attention out there," said Sgt. Sawyer.

Reed says she has had Major since 2011 when he was a puppy and she buried him in the backyard where she can always visit.

"I raised Major. Major is like a family member. I miss him and I love him," Reed said, "I just can't believe that someone would be that cruel to murder your pet right in front of you."

Police are still searching for the owners of the stolen weapons, which could help add on additional charges for the suspects.

The three suspects identities are not being released because they are juveniles.

The suspects were taken to the Baldwin County Juvenile Detention Center and face charges of felony cruelty to an animal as well as reckless endangerment.