Fairhope to cut water service along Mobile Bay ahead of storm


The City of Fairhope will be turning off flow to the water lines along County Road 1 from 98 to the dead end, called “Big Mouth” at 5:30 p.m. on Saturday, October 7. City officials have determined that this is necessary in anticipation of a storm surge affecting the water system. Any damage to private water lines on piers situated near, or over, the Mobile Bay can cause a loss of water in the system and low pressure, or no water pressure at all. This situation can affect water customers throughout the system and could potentially trigger a water boil notice once water is restored.

City officials are also asking wastewater customers with grinder pumps, who live in low lying areas along the Mobile Bay or in drainage ways susceptible to flooding, to be aware of rising water flooding near your grinder pump system. If this occurs, please turn off the breaker to your grinder pump to avoid pumping Bay water or storm water into our sewer system.