Experts warn parents of Xanax laced candy


Local drug education experts are warning parents about a drug-laced candy that can potentially be dangerous for children and teens.

They look like candy, smell like candy but they are definitely not what it appears to be.

The sweetened drugs look like candy to the naked eye and are called “Xanie Tarts.”

Drug Education officials say pills are a mix of Xanax and Sweet Tarts.

“I can tell you that these things are in our community, they are here,” Drug Education Council’s Virginia Guy said.

Guy says she has seen “Xanie Tarts” first hand and you can't recognize them, making them especially dangerous for kids and teens.

“We are the incredibly alarmed by the folks who will makes drugs look like candy,” Guy said, adding “It is the ultimate in being a predator on our children.”

Guy says Xanax is rarely ever prescribed to children and it's used to treat anxiety disorders and phobias.

Side effects for Xanax include drowsiness, confusion, problems with coordination, loss of consciousness

“We need to be very careful what we put into that child's brain. These drugs do tremendous damage, they can alter the brain permanently,” Guy said.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, drugs like Xanax are not prescribed for long-term use because of the risk for developing tolerance, dependence, or addiction.

The drug education council suggests that parents talk to their children about the difference between drugs and candy as early as age 5.

For some tips on how to talk to your child about this topic click here.