EXCLUSIVE: Store clerk speaks out after being held at gunpoint

In a matter of seconds, an everyday customer became an unusual suspect. (WPMI)

It’s story you’ll only see on Local 15 news - A brazen armed robbery at a convince store in Mobile and it was all caught on camera. Now the store clerk is speaking out about how she managed to escape the barrel of the gun.

In a matter of seconds, an everyday customer became an unusual suspect.

“He’s a regular, I wasn’t expecting it at all,” Sherlyn Slaughter said.

The Stadium Food Mart clerk walked Local 15 through the armed robbery that occurred Thursday night.

She said it started with the suspect coming in for a drink, but seconds later he swapped that soda for a hand gun,

"I'm like oh, wait a minute, hold up wait," Slaughter said.

Surveillance video captured the suspect with a gun while forcing Slaughter towards the counter. After an exchange of words, you can see her take off and run for her life with the suspect close behind.

“I even lost my shoes,” Slaughter said, laughing as she watched the video.

Slaughter explains that she told the suspect to go to the cash register as he was cornered her with a barrel to her head. When the suspect headed towards the register, Slaughter shut the door to the back of the counter and sprinted outside to safety.

“It's crazy why, this is a little corner store and you wouldn’t get away with much,” said Slaughter.

In fact, Slaughter says the suspect didn’t leave with any cash. However, he did manage to get away before police arrived.

"It can be disturbing, hopefully someone will turn him in soon because I'm thinking he's around this area somewhere,” said Slaughter.

Mobile Police are asking for the public's help in identifying the male suspect in this video. The suspect is wanted in reference to the commercial robbery that occurred at the Stadium Food Mart located at 1301 Virginia Street on Thursday, August 3. If you have information about the suspect, you are asked to call 251-208-7211.