Escambia County, Florida Evacuations Explained


According to Escambia County, Florida officials, evacuation orders have been issued.

Here is a news release from county officials:

Evacuations are ordered in Escambia County for Zones A and B beginning at 6 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 7. If you live in a mobile home or have special needs, you should consider evacuation no matter the zone in which you live.

In Escambia County, we do not use the terms “voluntary” or “mandatory” with regard to evacuations. When evacuation orders are given, residents and visitors are expected to comply as it is a government order.

You also must consider that bridges close for safety at sustained (not gusts) wind speeds of 39 MPH or greater. At this time, this may take place as early as late afternoon. Once this happens, you will not be able to leave via a bridge and may be stranded at your location.

If you choose not to evacuate, you must understand that when sustained wind speeds reach 39 mph or storm surge cover roadways, law enforcement, emergency medical services and fire departments may not be able to come to your aid.

To look up your address online, click here. You can search by address or parcel number and then look for the “Emergency Management Report.” The address function is self-populating, so type slowly and then choose the address from the drop down list.