Emmy Award-winning comedian crashes Theodore Roy Moore speech

*note: professional comedian (image: WPMI) Emmy Award-winning comedian crashes Theodore Roy Moore speech

Comedian Tony Barbieri twice interrupted a Roy Moore campaign event in Theodore, Ala. on Wednesday. Barbieri, who works for Jimmy Kimmel Live!, posed as a Roy Moore superfan character named 'Jake Byrd' sporting a t-shirt reading "Gimme Moore."

Barbieri twice stood up and yelled during the Republican Senate candidate's speech.

The first time, Barbieri yelled in response to hecklers in the back of the Magnolia Springs Baptist Church sanctuary. Barbieri was escorted to his seat while the other hecklers were escorted out of the sanctuary.

Several minutes later, Barbieri interrupted Moore's speech and raised a Moore campaign sign. Moore paused his speech as Barbieri was escorted out of the sanctuary.

Outside of the church, Barbieri remained in character while speaking to NBC 15.

Barbieri has posed as the character Jake Byrd at several events in the past, including President Trump's inauguration and a Bernie Sanders rally.

Barbieri is also a voice actor on the popular show Rick and Morty, and was part of the writing team that won an Emmy Award in 2008 for a popular song featured on Jimmy Kimmel Live! (link contains nsfw language)


More of Barbieri's work:

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