VIDEO: Eleven arrested in Theodore High School brawl

Video posted on Facebook shows dozens of students fighting, tumbling down the stairs at school. Police say no injuries were reported.

Nine Theodore High School students and two adults were arrested Wednesday after a brawl broke out on campus Wednesday morning.

At one point the school was even placed on lockdown.

In a video posted to Facebook you hear screams and see students fighting down a flight of stairs at Theodore High School.

"I saw a bunch of book bags everywhere and the fight, there were so many kids just going down the stairs. It started at the top and went back down to the first floor," one student said.

As soon as word got out, dozens of parents showed up to check their children out early.

Mobile Police said no weapons were involved, but nine students were arrested.

Two adults were even charged with criminal trespassing for coming onto campus after being alerted to the fight.

"I am afraid for my child's life and that's why I'm here to pick him up right now," said Anita Burks. She said she knows firsthand how quickly school fights can escalate.

She used to teach at an elementary school.

"I am aware of the dangerousness of fighting at school because two years ago I was injured in a classroom because of a fight and it messed my back and everything up," said Burks.

School officials said there were no major injuries. And the students arrested were also suspended.

Eight of the students arrested were taken to Strickland Youth Center.

One student was old enough to be taken straight to Metro jail.