Eight Mile man dies while trying to remove tow truck from train tracks


An Eight Mile man died after a train hit him while he was trying to get his tow truck off the tracks.

It happened on Suttles crossover near Creola Thursday around 3 p.m.

Officials say 46-year-old Corey Arnold from eight mile died at the scene.

Troopers say he had stopped on the tracks to disconnect from a vehicle he had just towed.

Troopers say while Arnold was attempting to move the tow truck from the tracks a Norfolk Southern train hit him.

The truck belongs to Pitts and Sons towing.

Emergency responders spent hours on the tracks investigating the accident.

People who live near by like Morgan Taylor say the railroad crossing where the truck was hit needs stop arms.

"No I'm not surprised at all I knew it was gonna come," Taylor said. "We've lived here for a long time and mom's always told me don't cross there because when you come up to it you really can't see."

Taylor says she's even had close calls at the crossing.

"I've been in a car with a friend to where we've pulled up and couldn't see but a train was coming. If there was a stop arm there you'd have to stop," she said. "So I really think there should be one there."