Dauphin Island residents lending a helping hand to hurricane victims

dauphin island donations.JPG

Residents in Dauphin Island are lending a helping hand to hurricane victims in Texas and Florida.

One truck of donations just arrived in Texas Wednesday and they're packing another one for Florida.

Town councilman Gene Fox says residents couldn't pass up the opportunity to help.

"Normally we're at the brunt of the storm we're the ones with the black eye," Fox said. "So we want to be the first to get involved and bring them some relief."

Sharon Wyers helped sort & pack the donations. She says it comes with a personal connection.

"It's a good feeling for me because I have family that lives in Houston and I've been in contact with them constantly so I know that they need a lot of stuff," she said.

They're now collecting more donations to pair with what's left to send to Florida.

"Fortunately we had a few pallets of things that couldn't fit on the truck to go to Harvey so it was a good head start to start our hurricane Irma relief drive," Fox said.

They'll also have a man on the ground. Fox says a local, George Ruiz just got back from Texas and is now on his way to Florida.

There he'll meet with a group to help with search and rescues.