DA: Man in fatal wreck after mistaken release from jail

(image: MGN)

Authorities say an Alabama man was involved in a fatal automobile accident less than two weeks after he was mistakenly released from jail.

22-year-old Alec Dvorak was supposed to be in custody at the time of the crash that killed 49-year-old Sarah Echols of Bay Minette on Monday.

Records show Dvorak has been in and out of jail since 2013 for theft and other convictions, and Wilters says he was supposed to be serving a year for a probation violation.

But Dvorak was somehow mistakenly released from the jail in Escambia County, Florida, rather than being transferred to an Alabama prison.

No one is charged in the wreck that killed Echols, and Dvorak is hospitalized.

Authorities are investigating Dvorak's release.