Coyotes spotted near homes in Fairhope, Daphne


Pet owners on the Eastern Shore are now on the lookout after recent sightings of coyotes prowling residential neighborhoods.

Fairhope resident Chuck Wilson captured what appears to be fully grown coyotes as well as a juvenile coyote on his surveillance video in his backyard.

Wilson lives near the corner of Fig Avenue and Pomelo Street and said he looked at the video after having issues with raccoons.

"We kept the camera on and we kept capturing shots. More and more pictures appeared. It appears to be a pair of coyotes and a young one, or two, who wandered by. We keep seeing them so they're not going anywhere," said Wilson.

The sight has made Wilson extra careful about letting his dog Gracie out during the night.

"She's a big dog and bigger than most coyotes but certainly a pack of coyotes could give her a problem. But we're conscious at night when we're letting her out. We make sure that we listen for her and make sure she doesn't wander very far," Wilson said.

Wilson isn't alone.

There have been other sightings of coyotes in residential areas along the Eastern Shore, including in Daphne, near the Lake Forest community.

Jessica White, owner of the animal training business Animal Aide, said she recommends not leaving pets unattended outside but there are also other ways to protect yourself.

"Securing your trash really well, or making sure your barbecue grill is cleaned. Coyotes actually eat fruit too. So making sure that the fruit that has come off fruit trees is picked up," said White.

Wilson said he knew coyotes were in Baldwin County and Mobile County but had never seen them so close his home.

"We just need to increase awareness that they are here and they're not going away. Just be conscientious about letting your pets out at night," Wilson said.

Experts said coyotes can be beneficial by keeping rodents away.

As of now, there are no pets that have been reported as injured during these sightings.