Daphne PD: Bondsman shot at car on Hwy 98 during morning rush hour traffic

(image: DPD) 26 year old James Leroy Sewell, Jr. - Daphne PD: Man shot at bondsman on Hwy 98

Daphne Police released the following info Tuesday morning on a shooting:

Daphne Police received several calls about shots being fired on US Hwy 98 around the 35 exit of I-10. Responding units found 2 parties involved in this incident. 26 year old James Leroy Sewell, Jr. of Daphne is a bondsman and was attempting to collect on a bond. In the process, Mr. Sewell fired 2 to 3 shots at the victim, striking his car once. Subjects were located at Walmart by Daphne Police and Mr. Sewell was arrested for Discharging a Firearm into an Occupied Vehicle and 2 counts of Reckless Endangerment.
This is an ongoing investigation and information will be released accordingly.

A woman who had her baby in the car driving on Highway 98 near 1-10 tells NBC 15 News her car was hit by a bullet this morning.

Daphne Police arrested bail bondsman James Sewell, 26, for reckless endangerment and firing into an occupied vehicle.

Daphne Police say Sewell was attempting to collect on a bond and fired shots at another individual.

The woman was not Sewell's target.

Sewell was arrested at the Daphne Walmart.

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