Bonds set for Valarie Patterson

(IMG:WPMI) Bonds set for Valarie Patterson.

Bonds have been set for Valarie Patterson for manslaughter, and abuse of a corpse.

Emotions are still running very high in this case and today was no different.

Patterson made her appearance in court where she pleaded not guilty to all charges filed against her.

At the bond hearing this morning, the state went through Patterson's extensive criminal history, hoping to give the judge a reason to place a high bond.

Patterson's attorney, Christine Hernandez, says some of the charges may not be hers.

The judge ultimately set Patterson's bond at $15,000 for the abuse of corpse charge and $60,000 dollars for the manslaughter charge.

District Attorney Ashley Rich was disappointed with today's outcome.

After the bond was set for Patterson, she seemed to collapse in the courtroom.

Patterson's lawyer believes she had a seizure and was being treated by paramedics.

Hernandez says patterson has "very serious health issues" that require medical treatment twice a week.

During the bond hearing, Hernandez told the judge that Patterson goes for chemo treatment twice a week.

Patterson is expected back in court on Septmeber 11th.