Well-known local boat captain killed in boating accident

(image: WPMI)

The Alabama Marine Police is just wrapping up its investigation into a deadly boat accident near Ono Island last night.

A well-known boat captain died in the accident and two passengers were injured.

All the passengers were on board a 28-foot pleasure boat. That boat apparently flipped over, ejecting two of the passengers. The captain didn't make it .

The boat's canopy and center console were crushed on impact.

Authorities say speed and miscalculating the location of a wide sand bar caused the boat to flip over.

The passengers were rescued by first responders in Florida. The accident, however, happened in Alabama waters near Ono Island.

"It's easy to slip up and miss something especially. He was entertaining customers and they were firing questions at you and you look away for a second and it doesn't take long," said the boat captain's friend "Hollywood,"

"Hollywood," like most around the local marinas, knows these water well and was good friends with 57-year-old Larry Griffin, the man police say died last night. Griffin was a local boat captain.

"He was just jolly most of the time. He had an old grey reddish beard. I just ran into him Thursday afternoon. My wife and I talked a little bit- first time we talked in months," said Hollywood.

This boating accident has locals talking today.

"It's so important to stay between the channel the red and green markers because of the sand bars and I heard about the accident last night. It makes me be more careful," said Pattie Adams, who lives in the area.

Locals say the sandbar that was hit was at one time was the southeast corner of Ono Island, that over the years has all but disappeared under water.

The two passengers were treated and released from the hospital. Neither were wearing life preservers. Both are here visiting from New York.