Bay Minette theft victim struck by suspects in getaway car


A Baldwin County man is recovering after being struck by two thieves in a getaway car.

Bay Minette Police say the victim caught two teens rummaging through his truck in a Walmart parking lot and was trying to stop them when things turned violent.

The incident has shocked regular shoppers at the store.

"It's kind of scary. You can't be safe anywhere nowadays," said Bay Minette resident Jerry Crenshaw.

Corporal Robert Gates, with the Bay Minette Police Department, said it began as the man was walking out of Walmart on Sunday evening.

"The victim actually came out and saw the suspect in his car," Cpl. Gates said.

Corporal Gates says that's when Randall Ray Weaver, 19, from Atmore, jumped out and got into another vehicle driven by his 17-year-old accomplice.

Authorities said the suspects hit the gas causing the door of the vehicle to strike the victim which knocked him onto the ground.

Investigators said after striking the victim with their getaway car, the two suspects took off out of the Walmart parking lot but they didn't get far.

"Our officers actually made contact with them a short distance away and took both of them into custody. They found a firearm that was stolen out of the victims car and there was also some marijuana," said Cpl. Gates.

Investigators tell NBC 15 they are working to get surveillance video of the incident from Walmart.

Authorities said the victim had bumps, bruises and a number of scrapes but otherwise, he's OK.

Both Weaver and his 17-year-old accomplice are charged with assault, breaking and entering a vehicle, robbery and drug possession.

The incident is still under investigation and more charges could be possible.

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