Baldwin County Sheriffs: Driver caught trying to mask 64 lbs of weed with coffee

(image: WPMI) Baldwin County Sheriffs catch driver trying to mask 64 lbs of high grade weed with coffee

According to the Baldwin County Sheriff's Office, deputies conducted a traffic stop on a California plated SUV on I-10 EB near mile marker 57 on Dec. 2.

The driver/vehicle-renter, Mario Sanchez claimed to be traveling from California to Miami Florida to sell olive oil and deliver presents to un-established clients in the Miami area.

During the stop, a heavy odor of Marijuana and a cover agent of fresh coffee was noted.

Several clothing items, Christmas items and numerous coffee bags were seen, along with four pelican cases and one duffle bag in the cargo area.

When asked about the pelican cases, Sanchez stated that he “was taking them to an unknown person, for a friend of a friend in California”.

A probable cause search of the vehicle based on the marijuana odor, revealed approx. 64 lbs. of high grade marijuana in vacuum sealed bags covered with coffee beans, inside of the duffle bag and pelican cases.

Baldwin County Drug Task Force investigators responded to the scene and conducted an interview with Sanchez who stated he was transporting the cases for a male named Brian to an unknown location in Miami for the payment of $2,000.00.

He denied knowledge of the contents of the cases. Sanchez was placed under arrest for drug trafficking. Baldwin County Sheriff Deputies assigned to the Special Operations Unit made the stop and discovery of the contraband.

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