Alleged child rapist in custody, victim of multi-vehicle crash speaks

PRICHARD, Ala. (WPMI) An alleged child rapist is off the streets after officials say he ran from U.S. Marshals Friday morning in Prichard.

“I fractured my ankle, my back, my knee and I broke my arm,” said Maverick McCaskill, who is still shaken and feeling lucky to be alive.

He just happened to be at the intersection of Bear Fork and Dial Roads in Prichard, when officials say 23-year-old Larry Lett-Hall came barreling through the stop sign in his SUV.

The end result was a three-vehicle crash.

Officials say Lett-Hall was wanted on seven felony warrants for kidnapping, assault and the rape and sodomy of two children.

US Marshals say they spotted Lett-Hall Friday morning in a vehicle with two other people.

When they attempted to stop him, they say he sped off.

By the time officials caught up, he had already crashed.

The male passenger in his car died. The female was injured.

Two other innocent drivers in two different cars were also hurt, including McCaskill.

“I don’t have any animosity. You know I just hate that somebody got hurt. Why couldn’t he have just hit a ditch or something hurt himself or anything instead of hurting innocent people,” said McCaskill.

Lett-Hall is also still being treated for his injuries.