Mother fights back against gun violence using her own story

(IMG:WPMI) Mother fights back against gun violence using her own story

"Anyone here who has been affected by a drive-by or gun violence, raise your hand, now stand up."

These Denton Middle School 8th graders were left speechless - they never suspected a little more than a fourth of their class has been affected by gun violence.

Carol Fisher says she wants to walk into a school one day and be able to ask that very same question and no one stands.

"I'm trying to save lives," said Fisher.

Fisher never thought she would be affected by gun violence, until July 2012 when she got a phone call no parent ever wants to get. Her daughter was shot and killed in front of her own home.

Seventeen-year-old Trayon Washington was convicted of killing Fisher's daughter.

Police say he shot her when Fisher's daughter yelled out to him to stop speeding through the neighborhood.

Now, Carol Fisher goes to schools and talks to kids about the choices they make and the power they have with those choices.

It's a moving presentation with the video re-enactment of her daughter's murder and then her talking about the pain she and her family endured.

It's a presentation that rocked these 8th graders to their core. Many broke down in tears.

When it was all over, many kids hugged and tried to console their classmates, vowing they would make right choices.

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