Scarborough Middle receives transformation

Nearly $2 million is being invested to turn Scarborough Middle from a failing school into a model school.

You'll notice a lot of changes this year within the Mobile County Public School System, and one school that's getting a transformation is Scarborough Middle.

Nearly $2 million is being invested to turn it from a failing school into a model school.

Scarborough Middle was considered "failing" last year by the state for low test scores. Now nearly 20 near teachers are hitting classrooms with new curriculums.

"The energy that they are exude is contagious. It's something that is spreading among the other staff and the students. So we're kind of mirroring what the teachers are putting out there, and they are absolutely excited about engaging the students," said Principal Andrea Dennis.

Four new electives are also being offered, in the hopes of getting students to step out of their old routines and step into school with a new enthusiasm.

"It gets kids to come to school and like to come to school, and learn things in the process," said dance teacher Natalie Tindell.

"I'm excited about coming to school because it's going to be a lot of fun, a lot of new activities and experiences," added sixth grader Kendric Stevens.

Once the kids are hooked, they'll see new technology used in core classes, and a more collaborative environment among the teachers.

"So we're really looking forward to that being a model that we can look at this year, see how it works, see how the academics move forward and then possibly replicate it in other schools next year," said MCPSS Superintendent Martha Peek.

Scarborough Middle School will also be getting more than 100 new computers this year.