Parents, teachers on biggest school-year complaints

(Source: MGN)

Parents and teachers find themselves working together a lot during the school year. We asked both what are some top things that need improvement, to help students in the long run.

How to prepare your children:

1. Good night’s sleep
2. Breakfast before school
3. Get in a routine

Top parent complaints:

1. Communication between school and parents
2. Uniforms – bottoms change from year to year, khakis vs navy. Keep it uniform.
3. Snack time – be sure it coincides with lunch time so students aren’t going too long without nutrition.

Top teacher complaints:

1. Parents letting emotions get in the way of sharing responsibilities with teachers.
2. Parents need to be move involved. Success starts at home.

Things that have changed since parents were in school:

1. Start times – Students used to go back after Labor Day
2. Common core and passing an exit exam to move on

Ways to prepare your children for school (courtesy of

1. Let your child know what the school schedule will be like, start times etc.
2. Talk about school with your children – positive and negative. Reassure them that everyone gets nervous.
3. Find after school activities kids can join.

What are some things you see need to be improved upon or changed? Chime in on the comment section below.