Mobile County heads back to the classroom

(IMG:WPMI) Mobile County heads back to the classroom.

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MOBILE CO., Ala. (WPMI) - There will be more than 600 buses on the roadways today across the county and more than 700 bus drivers employed by the school district.

There are a total of 603 bus routes in Mobile County, and each year, the buses travel a total of 7.7 million miles. That breaks down to roughly around 43,000 miles a day.

On an average day, these buses transport more than 25,000 students.

While there will be all of this new traffic on the road this morning, Superintendent Martha Peek has this advice for all of you before you start your day:

"Make sure everyone is patient on that first day with the new traffic flow. Getting students in and getting them into class and so it may take a little extra time, so allow for just some extra time in your schedule to get your children to school and get them into class for that first full day of school."

Again, do not forget those safety procedures in place, slow down in school zones. When a bus stops you, traffic must stop as well, unless it is a divided highway.