Daphne woman says her dog was poisoned with antifreeze


A Daphne woman says her dog had to be put down after it was poisoned with antifreeze.

She says the vet told her--this was the second case she had seen recently in the Daphne area.

She says she can't say for sure if someone poisoned her dog, but she wants her experience to serve as a warning to other dog owners.

Emily Wahl says over the weekend, the unthinkable happened to her 3-year-old Australian Shepherd named Abbey.

"I noticed that abbey was real lethargic, she did not want to go outside to use the bathroom, she didn't want to walk up the stairs," Wahl said.

She says Sunday she took her to the vet. After a few tests, she says the vet told her abbey had been poisoned with antifreeze.

"The ultrasound indicated that there was mineralization of her liver and calcification of her kidney," Wahl said.

Wahl says she made the hard decision to put Abbey down, but what the vet told her raised even more questions.

"She told me this was the second identical case from the Daphne area," she said.

Veterinarians say it only takes a small amount of antifreeze to harm a dog.

"Really for dogs it's probably 3 to 4 to 5 drops and for cats it's probably 1 to 2 drops," Shine Hollinger at Rehm Animal Clinic said. "Most of the time when you see them drinking it they've probably already ingested a lot because it has a sweet taste to it and they like it."

Wahl says Abbey played in the yard but she doesn't have any antifreeze around the house.

However, she says she did notice Abbey playing with a ball she didn't buy.

"I don't think anybody could be so evil as to intentionally poison an animal," she said. "On Friday evening she did have an orange ball that did not belong to her. I don't know if that was the culprit, it could be that maybe she drank from a contaminated mud puddle. I wish I had answers."

Hollinger says a cat or dog can be saved if it's treated within three hours of drinking the antifreeze.

He says they've had recent cases in Mobile with animals drinking antifreeze but those were accidental.