Assistive technology

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Local 15 has partnered with AARP to bring awareness to caregivers through Caregiver Awareness Month.

We spoke with Wendy Dean, who works with UCP Huntsville as a Statewide Assistive Technology Specialist. Wendy's also a caregiver herself.

UCP Huntsville provides a statewide training program called Helping Those Who Care, which Wendy is a part of. It's a training program for aging caregivers of care recipients with developmental disabilities.

The goal of Helping Those Who Care is to help caregivers understand the long-term benefits of planning for the future, gain access to community supports, understand and use assistive technology to reduce caregiver dependency, and maintain and/or improve social, emotional and physical wellbeing.

Helping Those Who Care offers:

  • Free classes statewide for aging caregivers of individuals with developmental disabilities.
  • Caregiver assistance stipend for class participants.
  • Comprehensive list of caregiver resources.
  • Caregiver resource assistance by phone or email.
  • Lending library of assistive technology items.
  • Assistive technology support by phone or email.
  • Short online video tutorials to learn more about how assistive technology can reduce caregiver dependency.

Click here to learn more about Helping Those Who Care.

Click here to learn more about the statewide resources.