Making Spirits Bright: Wilmer Hall


When I stopped by Wilmer Hall, Sally Greene and staff were busy clearing a spce by the fire place where the Chirstmas tree will go. But they we're making room for a tree. It seems Santa's sleigh was coming a little early!

And sure enough, seconds later, there it was!

OK, it's not Santa's sleigh, but it is the next best thing.

It's David Gros from Trax Tires. And that pick up truck? Straight from Santa's workshop filled with goodies for the children here.

Trax Tires has been Making Spirits Bright for several years here at this home for the homeless. But this year, Sally asked they focus on the little ones in Wilmer Hall's Family Program.

The moms who live here have hands full trying to pull the family together.

"They really don't have the means to do Christmas, even though they do have a place to live once they move in here. So it's a relief for them to know we're gonna take care of that."

And when Sally says "we" she means her staff, volunteers, and, of course, Trax Tires.

"Dave, how does it feel to be Santa Claus in your sleigh, here?"

"It feels excellent. I've been looking forward to this all year and I can't believe it's already here."

"Why does Trax do this?"

"Trax does this because we love giving back to our community. We've been doing the over the past couple of years teaming up with our local community because this is where it all happens"

"Yes, Sally and her staff can only imagine the excitement Christmas morning when the children that live here at Wilmer Hall open those gifts they've received from Trax. They can only imagine, because... they're not there when it happens!"

"It's their home to begin with, and I think that Christmas morning is their morning to be a family. And I don't think staff, executive staff, should be in the middle of it."

But that doesn't mean Wilmer Hall staff isn't caught up in then excitement of preparing for the big morning.

Just knowing that other's also care for the families and children they serve goes a long way toward making their spirits bright, too.

"We're gonna have to find a place for the tree!"

"It looks like Christmas Morning, thanks to Trax Tires!"