Making Spirits Bright: Mobile SPCA shows love to four legged friends

(SOURCE: WPMI) There are still lots of dogs and cats waiting to find their loving family.

For many families along the Gulf Coast, our holiday celebrations include our family pets. But there are still lots of dogs and cats waiting to find their loving family.

Local 15's Darwin Singleton is showing us a local business that takes care of us humans, but wants to show some love to our four legged friends too in our Making Spirits Bright series.

When Wendy Neil, an employee of Immediate Care of the South, saw a little Saint Bernard puppy at a Mobile SPCA adoption event, she told her husband she had to have it!

"And he said... no!" she told Local 15. "He said no. And then I saw him two weeks later on the SPCA website, and I came and got him and brought him home and he's been my dog for five years."

"What's your husband saying now?" asked Local 15. "He loves him! He's our best friend!" Neil said.

Lynn McDonald of Immediate Care also adopted from the Mobile SPCA. Most recently, a cat for her son.

"There are so many of them that need homes. And we would rather get one that needs a home," McDonald said.

And there are plenty here to choose from. Taking care of 100 dogs and 100 cats is not easy and it's not cheap. But luckily there is someone to help make their spirits bright.

Neil and McDonald have led the drive at Immediate Care of the South to bring needed items to Mobile SPCA headquarters. One of the big necessities might surprise you.

"Laundry detergent!" Janine Woods with Mobile SPCA said.

"We have six washers and dryers that go seven days a week, 8-10 hours a day." she said.

"What are you washing?" asked Darwin.

"Towels! Towels and more towels!" Woods added.

The items coming out of this trunk is less money the Mobile SPCA will have to spend on keeping the shelter clean and the animals happy.

And what can YOU do? Come rescue one of these furry friends. Lynn and Wendy can testify, it'll make your spirits bright, too!

Making Spirits Bright is brought to you by Immediate Care of the South