Making Spirits Bright: Alabama Baptist Children's Home

(source WPMI)

For the children staying in this house at the Alabama Baptist Children's Home, this house doesn't immediately start out feeling like a home, but it will eventually.

"So our goal is to bring these kids into our homes, whether it be campus care or foster care, and provide clothes, shelter, love, boundaries, all the things they may have lacked where they were," said Dana Watson of Alabama Baptist Children's Home.

The mission of the Alabama Baptist Children's Home is to take care of the emotional and spiritual needs of the child.

There's also the everyday things they might need.

Especially at Christmas time.

They can always use a little help.

"We love being involved with them. It's an honor to be involved with them," said Thomas Irving of Pool and Spa Super Store.

Irving and staff at Pool and Spa Super Store and their parent company Pioneer Pools have been making spirits bright at the Alabama Baptist Children's home for four decades. They asked what the home needed and the kids wanted. Then, Thomas went shopping.

"They also has some special things they wanted as far as bedding, duffel bags, book bags, hair dryers and curling irons," said Irving.

Simple and inexpensive things, but made valuable by the promise of care that can't be measured with a price tag.

"I remember two boys recently came in and they didn't have anything and they were really upset when they went to bed that night. And I said, do you usually sleep with a stuffed animal or anything like that? And they said yes, ma'am, yes, ma'am. And I said I'll be right back. So we have a little closet, and I went in there and I grabbed a couple stuffed animals and it made all the difference in the world," said house parent Dani-ga Chester.