Cool Schools: St. Ignatius

(Source: WPMI) Local15 Today highlighted St. Ignatius as our Cool School of the Week!

This week, Local15 Today highlighted St. Ignatius Catholic School as our Cool School of the Week! Students there are preparing for a very big Christmas program, and getting hands-on with new classroom iPads! Plus, we got a live performance from the cheerleaders!


The St. Ignatius Christmas program has become a big tradition that includes every single student from Kindergarten through 8th grade! The big performance is set for Friday, December 16th, at 10 a.m.

“It only lasts 45 minutes, but we get everyone on stage and off stage! It’s a nice time to remind students and parents the real reason for Christmas, and that’s Jesus as our Savior,” explained Sarah Bailey, the Elementary Music Teacher.

This year, the program is titled “Angel Alert,” and every student will be an angel.

“In between the kids coming up by grade level and singing a song, we have actors telling the original story of Christmas,” added Bailey.

“I like singing a lot, so whenever you get to sing about it, you get to tell everybody what the true meaning of Christmas is about,” explained Lexi Bolton, a 4th grader. “We’re celebrating the birth of Jesus, and remembering to keep Christ in Christmas.”

“Singing is a ministry. It is definitely a part for them to get to share their beliefs and remind people. Someone may be having a difficult day and need to see smiles and be reminded that God loves them,” said Bailey.

The program will include an appearance by Santa and Mrs. Clause!


A brand new set of classroom iPads has students and teachers thinking “outside the books” at St. Ignatius!

Our cameras caught the 8th grade science class taking “selfies” on the new iPads… but no one was getting in trouble? The students were actually capturing a very important lesson on light waves.

“It’s showing them the law of reflection. We’ve been talking about all the different laws of waves, and this is the law of reflection. And being able to take the selfies and see all the different lightings in the back and in the front. And then they take a piece of wax paper where they’re going to take a selfie through the wax paper and see what happens with those waves, if they’re going to go through or bounce off,” explained Amanda Dudeck, the Middle School Science Teacher.

Dudeck was using the new iPads as a fun way for her science class to experiment with how light travels and affects what you see – or in this case, what shows up in the selfie!

“We’re taking selfies on the iPads, and then we’re explaining how the light waves travel and capture that image,” explained Smith Strain, an 8th grader.

The iPads were purchased from the school’s annual Impala Gala fundraiser to be used for anything from online research, to quizzes, to labs like this one.

“The possibilities are endless, especially with science,” added Dudeck.

But the best feature isn’t any “app.” It’s the enthusiasm they’ve created in the students.

“I never thought I’d take a selfie for class, but here we are! And it’s so much fun, so I really enjoy it,” said Strain. “I think hands-on learning is really important to really grasp the idea that you’re learning about. I know it helps me, and helps other students, too. So I think it’s a wonderful opportunity that we have the science lab and the iPads.”